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About Little Package

About Caroline - Puppy

Hello! My name is Caroline (AKA Puppy). Welcome to Little Package, a cycling cap & happy-making web-based business. I started Little Package in 2005 -- all because I couldn't buy a cycling cap that fit my big head. My first cap was a hideous purple thing, but I kept at it...

Now I have been sewing for over 26 years, and I make the best handmade cycling caps there are. They’re made right, they look good, they fit, and above all they make people happy. If you would like to use the same template and techniques I use, my sewing patterns are available right here.

A little more about me

  • "Little Package" was originally a nickname based on my last name, My initials are C.A.P.
  • I was born on the East Coast, grew up in Alaska, and moved to Portland when I was 15 years old.
  • I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor's in Nursing from Oregon Health & Science University in 2002.
  • I rode my bike solo from Portland to San Francisco in 2007; with a friend from Charleston, South Carolina to Boone, North Carolina in 2009; and solo from Klamath Falls to Portland in 2010.
  • I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada in 2013. That's where I got the name Puppy.
  • I moved into a 1983 Vanagon in December 2013 and drove away from Portland on January 1, 2014.
  • I tackled some tough hikes in 2015: the Sierra High Route solo, and the mini epic Lowest to Highest Route.
  • In Spring 2016 I became the second female to ever solo hike the Hayduke Trail (~850 miles through Utah and Arizona). During the summer and early fall, summited Mount Whitney twice, walked over 200 miles in the High Sierra, circumnavigated the Timberline Trail in Oregon with my mother and best friend (who is legally blind), and dropped a rebuilt engine, new radiator, complete new exhaust, and 25 feet of hose in my Vanagon by myself.
  • I support myself with freelance web work.

I no longer sew cycling caps, but I do ADVENTURE!

To my Friends and Customers:

I owe it to my friends (particularly my mother) and my customers for supporting and encouraging me. Thank you!

Clients have included:

  • Bridgetown Cycling
  • Beloved / Cycle Works Oregon
  • Corsa Concepts
  • Cyclisme
  • Green Submarine Racing
  • Ira Ryan Cycles
  • Gründelbrüisers
  • Hammer Velo
  • Hankbuilt
  • Portland Bicycle Studio
  • Rapha
  • Sugar Wheelworks
  • Super Relax
  • Sweetpea Bicycles
  • Team Beer
  • Timothy Everest
  • Vanilla Cycles
  • VeloDirt

Here are pictures of just some of the cycling caps I made over the years.

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