Little Package Winter Plans

Hello. I’ve now been back from my long hike for about a month and am rested and getting back on track. Only, the track has switched a bit. I wanted to update everyone that there won’t be any Little Package caps coming from my studio, at least through this winter, and possibly permanently. I do not even own a sewing machine at this point, but also remain itinerant and have some other projects going. I struggle with disappointing anyone who was hoping for a new cap — especially a cap to keep warm this winter — but I gotta do my thing. More on that soon.

Maybe it will interest you that I have published the same sewing templates and instructions as those I use when making cycling caps. These sewing patterns are available as instant download PDFs and are available on this website. They even tell you how to make a cozy winter earflap cap, to keep your ears covered as well! This pattern makes a quick project for anyone who knows how to sew, and can be done with a machine or by hand. If you don’t know how to sew, think of someone who does, and pass them the pattern with a sparkle in your eye and/or a great bribe.