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New flooring for Chief Pete

In March, I undertook installing the 9-piece Vanagon carpet set I purchased from Sew Fine in January. Even though new carpet was a must for sanitary and health reasons, I was really nervous about this change for a few reasons. I was scared of what I would find under the carpet, and I was not sure how well the carpet would fit. Also, I was disappointed with the quality of the carpet when it arrived. I almost returned it because it felt cheap and I can’t see it lasting in a vehicle application. As I’ve seen stated elsewhere on the Internet, the replacement carpet available for Vanagons is nowhere as nice as the original. I’ve also heard it said by install pros who use Sew Fine that it takes a ton of patience, fussing, and glue to get this carpet installed.

Sew Fine states that the carpet is a direct… continue reading

Colorado River: 1, Me: 0

It was funny that just as I got back to Flagstaff after a 20-day float of the Colorado River, and was scrambling to get home after having lost my iPhone and wallet in the River, that I discovered I was chosen to write for the Listserve.

The Listserve is your chance to write an email to a million people. I’ve been a member of the Listserve for several years, and while frankly I don’t read all the emails, the ones I do read are charming and provide perspective for the day. I wondered when I would be chosen, but really I wondered if I’d already been chosen and missed my “You’ve won the Listserve!” email.

I almost missed the “You’ve won the Listserve!” email. With 72 hours to respond, I had already missed 70. I had two hours to write my email to a million… continue reading

french spring trail flowers

Little Update

I aborted my big Spring thru hike because of weather and taxes. Meh.

Instead, I finished a solo tour of old mines in the Inyo mountain range of central California west of Death Valley. The “Lonesome Miner Trail” — what the late Wendell Moyer* called it — is 40-50 miles of rough, hard-to-follow disused trail involving somewhere near 17,000 vertical feet of elevation gain/loss.

Klum House - Little Package Cycling Caps

Portland: Learn to Sew a Cycling Cap Class!

If you’ve wanted to set aside the time to finally make yourself a cycling cap, why not book a class? Meet some new people, have help to get over any tricky bits, and check that project off your list?

Ellie at Klum House, a professional seamstress and sewing instructor, is teaching cap sewing classes in Portland, Oregon on August 9th and October 3rd. The classes are $60, but you can use the coupon “LUCKY YOU” to get 50% off. And I’ve jumped on the wagon and am offering 35% off Little Package downloadable sewing patterns. Just use the coupon code “AUGUSTCAPS” during checkout. Coupon expires end of day August 9.

Next class is October 3rd!

Have fun!

Hitch-hiking Pro Tips

I did done a ton of solo hitch-hiking both during and after my PCT thru-hike — over a thousand miles and many dozen hitches. I learned a lot about hitching and from hitching and thought I’d share with you.

Before my thru-hike it never occurred to me to hitch-hike. Not only that but it seemed dangerous and rather taboo. But on a thru-hike it becomes not only necessary but mostly fun. And for me, I wondered not only why I had never done it before, but why not keep doing it? And so after my hike, I continue to hitch-hike.

Of course I’ve seen firsthand that it is easier to get a ride when you’re a female (or two or three females) on the side of the road. The minute you pair up with a guy it gets a little trickier. But there are things anybody can do to make… continue reading

Pepper Flake stretches out his back at Sunrise Trailhead trough

My Portraits of the Pacific Crest Trail

I was super excited to find this excellent photo gallery of PCT hiker photos over at Outside Online today (thanks Pacific Crest Trail Association for the link). How cool is it that an unwitting trail angel became a documenter of some of the 2014 personalities? I met a few of those hikers (Justin, Blanco, Far Out, Sarah!, Namaste) , and maybe met a few others before they got their trail names, and got teary-eyed looking at their beautiful portraits. But it made me remember that I took some 2014 PCT portraits myself, and still haven’t shared them beyond the ephemeral Instagram base. So here you go:

Hiker Apache. Now I’m partial to this guy because I hiked a few miles with him in 2013, and he’s just sweet and mellow. Here he is back again in 2014 to see how far he gets…. continue reading

Bikes in Space volume 2 cover art

Bikes in Space Illustration

In May, the bigger-than-a-zine zine Bikes in Space 2 came out of the prolific Elly Blue Publishing house. I was honored and quite thrilled to be the cover illustrator — especially once I saw it in print. So cool! It was my first book cover, ever! Kind of a wacky little thing, but it was fun to turn it out. Here you can see both issues together, with volume 2 on top.

Bikes in Space, volumes 1 and 2

Looks like just some letters and dots floating in space? How did I work in bikey-ness? Gotta open the cover wide to figure that one out. Since I’m a bit more of a dirt girl than a roadie, I took an outer space mountain biker, had her do a burnout… continue reading

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