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Soto OD-1R Stove Giveaway

A month ago I gave away two copies of the excellent PCT documentary “Tell it on the Mountain.” That was fun; people had a lot of interesting things to say in the comments of that post.

This month I am giving away one brand new camp stove from Soto — the OD-1R. This excellent little stove is very lightweight (2.6oz) and comes with a built-in Piezo ignitor. So handy. I know at some points I wasn’t even carrying a lighter on my PCT hike (gasp!) because my stove lit itself (and could be used to light other things). SOTO does not recommend you use your stove to “light other things.” They do; however, make an excellent mixed fuel stove with titrate-able heat. It retails for $69.95.

This little tiny thing is an excellent addition to any… continue reading

Tell it on the Mountain Giveaway

It’s now been 6 weeks since I walked off the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) in Canada. A lot has changed. Although I plan to adventure again very soon, my life has settled back into a reasonably-normal holding pattern. I’m eating wholesome foods, showering regularly, and sleeping on mattresses that hold air! I’m not walking much. The thick callouses on my heels are nearly gone. All that seems to remain are lots of great memories, some new ideals, and a longing to get back out into the woods.

I’m happy to have some people in my life who have made an effort to understand such a long and complex journey. Many people just barely manage to fathom what a 2660-mile hike entails, but some really try to put themselves in a hiker’s shoes. Along the trail I was surrounded by those people: other hikers. But off the trail, they’ve mostly dispersed… continue reading

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