Bikes in Space volume 2 cover art

Bikes in Space Illustration

In May, the bigger-than-a-zine zine Bikes in Space 2 came out of the prolific Elly Blue Publishing house. I was honored and quite thrilled to be the cover illustrator — especially once I saw it in print. So cool! It was my first book cover, ever! Kind of a wacky little thing, but it was fun to turn it out. Here you can see both issues together, with volume 2 on top.

Bikes in Space, volumes 1 and 2

Looks like just some letters and dots floating in space? How did I work in bikey-ness? Gotta open the cover wide to figure that one out. Since I’m a bit more of a dirt girl than a roadie, I took an outer space mountain biker, had her do a burnout… continue reading