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Customizable Black Cycling Cap

Your soon-to-be favorite cycling cap ever – the one you had custom made for yourself. See below for details about ordering. SORRY, ORDERS ARE CLOSED FOR WHITE CAPS.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


100% cotton twill cap in black with the following options:


You can have this cap in any size from newborn to 25 inches and beyond. Measure around your head where you would like the cap sweatband to sit. This measurement doesn’t have to be precise, just close. See the size chart here.


A four-panel cap crown is sewn from four pieces of fabric (though to many people it looks like 8 pieces). A three-panel cap crown is sewn from three pieces of fabric: a strip and two half-moon pieces. Whether you prefer three or four panel is mostly a matter of preference, but some people with narrow heads and those whose scalps are very sensitive to pressure from seams do prefer the three panel. The four panel has many more seams and does suit a very round head better. There – now you know the science of cycling cap fit!


Have the cap plain or add ribbon to it. Color choices are listed or additional colors can be obtained for a fee of $5. If you choose a different color, please mention it in a note during checkout. The ribbon is 7/8″ wide, colorfast polyester, and made in the USA.


  • Choose from shapes: a 5cm deep (2″/5cm deep x 7″/18cm wide along inside edge) or a 4cm (1.5″/4cm deep x 8″/20.4cm wide along inside edge)
  • Choose from stiffener: soft polyester fiber or stiff polyethylene plastic

The longer bill gives better shade. People with neck troubles usually prefer the shorter bill. The soft bill is my favorite for these reasons; however, I do use a high-quality plastic for my cap bills which compares favorably with the best of the caps out there – I’ve never seen it warp or crack.

Other Details

The cap has a cotton twill tape sweatband in black, with elastic in the back for a forgiving fit. Carefully made to last practically forever, i.e., this is something your great-grandchildren could cherish someday. It’s more likely you’ll love it into the ground, though. To care for it, machine wash cool or warm, tumble dry low or dry flat. Iron hot.

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