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I’ve been on bikes from a very young age but my passion exploded in 2004 when I got swept away in Portland’s burgeoning cycling scene and cyclocross racing. I raced for a few years, went on several long tours, and built an independent business around my passion: Little Package Cycling Caps. In my opinion, bikes are freedom and bikes are fun. I hope you ride one!

velocipede races close up

Velocipede Races Cover

This time last year I was reading a quick and fun book by Emily June Street called The Velocipede Races, preparing to illustrate its cover. The book centers around a young woman’s passion for cycling, is tinged with steampunky Victoriana, and is also digestibly feminist. In short, I totally enjoyed it and had no trouble finding inspiration to design its new cover. I decided to use a papercutting/scherenschnitte style and incorporate the corset, trying to capturing a mood… of a sporty lady craving to burst out of that delicate corset.

Here’s what I initially submitted to Elly Blue over at Microcosm Publishing:

velocipede races early design

To my surprise, the advance copy went black, which I’m glad was a temporary shift! It still looked… continue reading

Lighthouse Surrounded by Trail Trash

The Best Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bags

Ultra lightweight sleeping bags are purpose-built for long-haul treks where space is at a premium and weight is counted in grams, but they can also be used on your ordinary family camping trips. I call that win-win!

The sleeping bag is part of “The Big Three:” your backpack, your tent, and your sleeping bag. These three items comprise the most weight, and take up the most space of all your gear. Also, they are items (aside from food and shoes) that can make–or break–your hike or tour. Be prepared to shell out good money up front (and not have to re-purchase something better later). This is an investment you’ll be putting to very good use. A sleeping bag is a camper’s best friend.

Considerations Bag girth and length. You want enough room to be able to roll over in your bag but not so much that you are… continue reading

Bikes in Space volume 2 cover art

Bikes in Space Illustration

In May, the bigger-than-a-zine zine Bikes in Space 2 came out of the prolific Elly Blue Publishing house. I was honored and quite thrilled to be the cover illustrator — especially once I saw it in print. So cool! It was my first book cover, ever! Kind of a wacky little thing, but it was fun to turn it out. Here you can see both issues together, with volume 2 on top.

Bikes in Space, volumes 1 and 2

Looks like just some letters and dots floating in space? How did I work in bikey-ness? Gotta open the cover wide to figure that one out. Since I’m a bit more of a dirt girl than a roadie, I took an outer space mountain biker, had her do a burnout… continue reading

PCT Gear Review

I was really comfortable with my gear along the Pacific Crest Trail, so I thought I would share it with you, and explain why it worked. Please note beforehand that I purchased all these items with my own money after carefully researching them, and was not given anything for review. The following are my opinions.m

If you look at this photograph with me, I will talk about the items shown, left to right, one row at a time. Click a link to skip forward to that gear item. (more…)

Bike Craft 2012

It’s getting busy in my studio but I had to take a minute aside to let everyone know Little Package will be at the Bike Craft fair this year. This will be the 5th or 6th time I’ve tabled at this wonderful, homegrown Portland event, and as always, I’m looking forward to it. It’s so fun to be in a room with dozens of other local crafters who have worked hard to bring their bike style to life. Please put it on your calendar!

BIKE CRAFT 2012 December 1 and 2, 11am-6pm Sandbox Studios, 420 NE 9th Portland, Oregon USA

This month I am trying to catch up on the wait list that formed when I was out of action in August and September, packing and shipping orders from my online shop (which include semi-custom orders), and designing and sewing caps for Bike Craft. I’m… continue reading

Thanks, Friends

Thank You Linocut

I carved this linocut to hand-make Thank You cards for the friends who helped me when I broke my collarbone August 13th. It was amazing–but unsurprising–how many great people stepped forward and what generous things they offered. I was given slings, food, pain pills, rides, good company, liniments, massages, household help, help bathing and dressing, a tapping session, and even an XRAY. It gave me faith in humankind and the ability to tolerate and afford being broken.

Did you know that the wishbone (technically, the “furcula”) is a bird’s collarbone? Theirs is flexi and helps them flap their wings and you can make wishes on them, but you get the idea. I wish all these friends good luck. May they NEVER, EVER break their collarbones.

Money Talks

There are many incentives for participating in a bike race, but probably one of the top incentives is the cash prize. Cash puts stars in the eyes of people who might otherwise just go out of their way each weekend to prep their bikes, bellies, family, chamois, and plans; travel; slap money on the registration table; suffer enteric crisis in Port-o-Lets; brutalize themselves on the course; risk broken bodies and bike parts; share a beer with tapped, incoherent peers; clean it all up, and pack it all in. Aside from bragging that they’ve placed 56th out of 117 racers and wincing while palpating this week’s hematoma, I can see no better reward than: cash. In bike racing, cash reward is called payout.

I’m going to jump right in and talk about the fact that women aren’t typically rewarded equal payout to men in bike racing (or any sport). It’s very rare to find… continue reading

Collarbone – 6 weeks, 5 days out

So this is my new right collarbone. I’m pretty happy — as happy as one can be, I guess — with the new shape. And I’m proud that I healed it myself, trusting nature to do its job (though that was tough sometimes). There are some fairly good resources online for people with broken collarbones wanting to know what to do. I really had no idea, and never went to the doctor, so I did a lot of Googling. I got the most (but not necessarily the best) information from these two websites:

Pinkbike broken collarbone recovery time Of course that’s the first thing people want to know. How long will I endure this hell? – John’s Clavicle Page Lay expert-ish, though a bit pro-surgery.

Some things I learned:

1) It doesn’t matter what sling you use, figure-8 or arm sling. Doctors will argue over… continue reading

Collarbone Update

Exactly 4 weeks ago I crashed a dirt jumper on a wooden ramp & broke my right collarbone. Looking back a month has gone by quickly, but trust me: individually, those 28 days each took an eternity to pass. I thought at week three my bone would be fused and by week four I would be sewing, but last week I had a setback. A massive spasm in the middle of the night re-broke my collarbone. No joke. It was a nightmare. But real. I thought I’d have to start over…

But this morning I woke and realized my bone had finally fused! Seems like broken bones learn from their mistakes. Now that it’s fused I can move around much more freely. I took two walks. I even swung my arm a little. I bought my own groceries!

Today in the sewing studio, Boone helped me cut backed-up orders and… continue reading

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