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Today I made a custom mitten pattern — everything I want, and nothing I don’t. It had to be dexterous for a mitten, and without stress points or bunching in the fist. I need to be able to hold handlebars or hiking poles comfortably. If you know mittens, you know this is a tall order. I took ideas from some gloves of mine as well as from these old seal skin mittens. I came up with a pattern that has one seam line, and a hem. Seriously.

Once you’ve seamed the strange pattern piece together with one 24.5″ seam, you hem the glove and you are done. Unless you want to put a grommet and draw cord in the hems like I did. There’s no wrist draw cord like the Hagl√∂fs mitts, but since there is no seam at the inferior (ulnar) aspect of… continue reading

PCT Advice from a 2010 Thru-hiker

I want to share the wonderful advice I got from Thump Thump in 2012 while planning my PCT hike. I met her while bikepacking at Crater Lake. It helped me so much, and it could help you, too!

Hi! It’s awesome that you’re thinking about doing the PCT. I was pretty unconventional, so please take my advice with a few grains of salt.

A lot of the PCT forums were really overwhelming about gear. A lot of really opinionated people, some with experience to back it, ramming stuff down other people’s throats. It really turned me off. I ended up using for a lot of my gear, because I love them and I’m loyal. It might have been better go with all REI so it would have been easier to return things that just weren’t working out for me so well, but that’s reliant on FINDING an REI… continue reading

My Guest Post on the Sewaholic Blog!

waterproof jacket zips This week was I featured as a guest writer on someone else’s blog! It was pretty cool of Tasia of Sewaholic to invite me to write about my experience sewing a waterproof jacket. I was anxious to share more details and photographs about DIY waterproof outerwear because when I went hunting on the web I found only breadcrumbs of information. But what made it even better is that rather than sharing it here (a virtual Internet dead zone, ha), I got to share it with lots of interested readers on one of my very favorite sewing blogs.

I love Tasia’s enthusiastic and inquisitive writing style — it is so friendly and engaging. Not only that but she sure can sew and draft a pattern,… continue reading

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